Next reads

I’m off to a conference for work tomorrow, so I’ll be bringing along a couple of books to occupy my time.  Because it will be a 5-hour drive both ways, I decided that it would be safer to try an audio book, rather than risk my life attempting to switch between Sirius XMU and Alt Nation on the tiny screen of my Android phone. (The car that is wired with satellite radio is currently without operating wipers, so I’ll be in the other car, relying on my phone for entertainment. And my two favorite stations reliably offer a nice balance of music I love and music I despise, thus the need to switch often. First world problems!)

I chose The Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed for my audio book, simply because it’s length is appropriate for my trip, and because I read from the reviews that the narrator is amazing.  My only other experience with an audio book was with Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, which I listened to years ago during a 12+ hour road trip into Mexico.  Gaiman’s reading of his own story was delightful, as expected, and I was tempted do the same with his recent release, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, but I wanted to try one of the current Hugo nominated stories.  I’m sure Gaiman will be a nominee next year.

In addition to the audio book, I have also downloaded Redshirts by John Scalzi.  I started it last night, and can already tell it will be a quick and pleasurable read. The title and synopsis didn’t really strike me as a parody, but as a Star Trek fan, I immediately caught on to the thinly-veiled references of one of my favorite TV shows, once I started reading.  I also read that Wil Wheaton narrated the audio version, which, knowing that now, I can’t get his voice out of my head when I’m reading it.  Of course he narrates the audio version!  It’s like it was written for Wesley Crusher himself!

Hopefully, those two stories will keep me occupied over the next four days, during which I will be trapped in an over-air conditioned hotel banquet hall, feigning interest in group work and site-team building.  Not excited.


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