SF Book Award Season Begins…

…because who needs sports when you have frivolous book award competitions?

Just a quick note that two major SF Book Awards have open nomination periods, one of which is about to close:

Both competitions require paid membership to nominate and vote. If you are curious about other major SF awards coming up, you can view this handy little document, which is totally homemade and may require some gentle feedback. (gentle, I said.)

I will not be participating in the nominating process this year because I spent most of last year reading the past Hugo nominees, and avoided most new releases. However, I will be reading the shortlisted Hugos once they are announced this spring, so I am counting on you contemporary readers to nominate some decent books so I don’t have to read crap this year. (I’m about done with overt metaness, sexy dark lords, and zombie bloggers. Oh, and steampunk zombie apocalyptic history.)

May the best novelists with the most overzealous fans with resources earn the most nominations!

Happy Nominating!

9 thoughts on “SF Book Award Season Begins…

  1. Widdershins says:

    Yeah! … time for some hew tropes!


  2. Widdershins says:

    Oh, bother … how did that ‘n’ get taller? … ‘new tropes’


  3. Awesome. I try to cover ‘prize-winners’ on Science Book a Day. I have the Hugos and the Nebula awards. Now I can add the BFSA to my list 🙂


    • fromcouchtomoon says:

      Grrr, it’s bSFa, but it’s my mistake. I always get the acronym turned around. Book award dyslexia…

      BFSA are the British Fantasy Society Awards. Or the British Fulbright Scholars Association. Or the Best Flan in Spain Awards. Not at all confusing.


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