The Kitschies Winners Announced Today!

The first major SF book award of the year was announced today at The Kitschies Awards ceremony in the UK!

Although The Kitschies has only been around since 2009, established by and sponsored by a rum company, it may seem like a rather un-major award, but considering the impressive panel of judges, and its mission to recognize “the year’s most progressive, intelligent, and entertaining works” of SF from the UK is quite compelling. You can see the full list of winners and nominees here. I’m tempted to squeeze of few of these into my own, already overfull reading list.

Congrats to the winners!

The Red Tentacle Award (Best Novel)  

ATaleforthetimebeingA Tale for the Time Being
by Ruth Ozeki





The Golden Tentacle Award (Best Debut Novel)


Ancillary Justice
by Ann Leckie


4 thoughts on “The Kitschies Winners Announced Today!

  1. Anton says:

    I started Ancillary Justice, but haven’t finished it yet. Loved The Tale For the Time Being. It hit all the right notes for me.


  2. fromcouchtomoon says:

    I’m thinking Ancillary Justice will be on A LOT of shortlists this year, so I’m about to break down and get it. And Ozeki’s novel sounds like a unique contribution to the genre.


  3. You’ve been quiet lately…


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