More Noms: The 2014 Nebula Shortlists


Hey! Old news! The Nebula shortlist came out Friday!

Two of my picks on my shifting, fleeting, oft-reshuffled 2014 best novel shortlist were nominated. My reading overlap ratio isn’t nearly as uncanny as it was with the BSFA shortlist, but I didn’t expect to see much overlap between the two awards. I think I’m most relieved to see a few just-not-special-enough absences from this award shortlist.

The inclusion of Annihilation is probably a surprise to no one. I got more of that weird feeling from Nina Allan’s The Race, but VanderMeer’s eerie tale of environmental sentience and fungal graffiti has grown on me more since reading it. Ew, get it off!

It’s also not surprising to see Cixin Liu’s The Three Body Problem on this list, simply because of Ken Liu’s popularity. I liked the tale, and I enjoyed the non-Western perspective, which, oddly, happens to feel a whole lot like American/British Golden Age sci-fi. Heavy in science and stilt. I dig! But, unlike Annihilation, its presence in my mind has diminished quite a lot since reading it. I suspect there is better Chinese SF out there.

It’s funny how time changes our impressions about books.

The rest of shortlist remains on my unread list. And thanks to my December book binge, I am overdosed on recent releases, so I will not be reading this shortlist. Gannon, no. McDevitt, no.

The Nebula winners won’t be announced until June. I might overcome my 2014 gag reflex in time to check out Addison’s The Goblin Emperor and some of the short fiction. Still on the fence about reading Ancillary Sword.

The full list with links to free fiction is here.

I’ll post my review of The Algebraist Wednesday night. More 2000’s fiction. Eeesh.

10 thoughts on “More Noms: The 2014 Nebula Shortlists

  1. Tammy says:

    I have a copy of The Three Body Problem but I haven’t read it yet. Should I?


    • fromcouchtomoon says:

      Oh, absolutely! It was in my top five of last year’s releases. I loved the historical context, although the middle drags a bit, and it ends on a pretty cool cliffhanger. I will likely read the sequel.


    • fromcouchtomoon says:

      Just the little blurb in my Best of 2014 post.

      I realized I had a problem: I want to read more than 4-5 books per month, but I don’t have time to review everything. So I decided to not review the new fic (or flash review, as Nikki at BookPunks calls it). That way, I can be a little bit more connected to recent awards lists, and still have fun with my vintage picks.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I hear you on that. Lately I have noticed myself purposely picking books to read next that I know I do not want to review (because they are already mega hyped, or whatever the reason) to give myself breaks between all the reviews stacking up that I haven’t yet had time to read. Plus, there just isn’t enough time. Though I do enjoy reading and writing the shorty reviews quite a bit, I’ve noticed.

        As long as you don’t close shop like SOME PEOPLE because I have had enough of WEEPING because of that this month. COUGH COUGH.


  2. Rabindranauth says:

    The only book shortlisted that I haven’t read yet but interests me for the Nebula is Annihilation. Which, I’m hoping to start sometime in March! Addison I’ve heard decent things of, but just plain not interested. And the other two are even less appealing, lol.


    • fromcouchtomoon says:

      It’s so weird you haven’t read Annihilation yet! You usually get to this stuff before me!


      • Rabindranauth says:

        Lol, I may shove back Gene Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun yet again and just read it after The Female Man. I haven’t bought either series yet, so whatever I’m in the mood for by then I guess!

        Liked by 1 person

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