Introducing the 2014 BSFA Best Novel Shortlist Review Series

BSFA-logo-with-Celebration-slice_v2_2An American WereReader in CyberLondon

Uck, horrible. No.


Putting a temporary hold on my normal vintage review fare to share my thoughts on the rich and varied 2014 British Science Fiction Association shortlist. Over the next couple of weeks, as we count down to Eastercon and the BSFA ceremony in April, I’ll be posting a series of infobyte-style reviews of the novels on the 2014 BSFA shortlist.

Why infobyte reviews? Because eight books, the BSFA. Eight.



 (Now you know why I’ve been so quiet lately.)

Above is the order in which I will be posting these reviews, probably Monday through Thursday for the next two weeks.

Did I love them all? Nope! So my concerns about sounding too squee-happy were unfounded, thank goodness. BUT, there is something for everyone on this diverse list of undeniably progressive and intelligent speculative fiction. I strongly encourage all readers to sample something.

See you tomorrow, when we will begin with David Hutchinson’s Europe in Autumn!

8 thoughts on “Introducing the 2014 BSFA Best Novel Shortlist Review Series

  1. Thank you for sharing!!!


  2. Widdershins says:

    Holding mah breffs! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oooh looking forward to this. Please, tell me which new SF books I should look into.

    Now you know why I’ve been so quiet lately.
    I thought it was because you were reading Jonathan Strange & Stand on Zanzibar, which amount to like nine-billion mind-blowing pages.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Rabindranauth says:

    Confession: I’m on WordPress at the moment because earlier I was thinking I haven’t seen anything from you lately, so odds are I might catch a review if I popped on. Close enough 😀

    I’m looking forward to what you thought of Lagoon, Wolves and Ancillary Sword! I’m actually going to read Cuckoo Song next week with one of the kids; needs a little help developing his reading skills. So I’m probably going to skip your review of that to avoid spoilers, until I finish reading it :p


    • fromcouchtomoon says:

      Confession: I have had to do the same thing for your blog. There was one point when I thought maybe WordPress glitched and made me unfollow your blog, but I guess you just slowed down blogging with the new job and all.

      I hope you find these helpful! I’ll stay quiet about Cuckoo Song, but I will say that it’s a good choice for the kiddos!


      • Rabindranauth says:

        Yea, not as much free time anymore. I schedule everything to appear either on Tuesday or Friday npw. Not as much free time as I’d like anymore.

        Well I already picked up The Race and Wolves on your rec! Just waiting on Lagoon now. Definitely won’t read them in time for the award, but should get to them sooner or later 🙂


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