Interview at Scy-Fy

S. C. Flynn over at Scy-Fy was kind enough to invite me over to his blog for an interview. So, if you’ve ever wondered who the hell is this sarcastic twit people keep calling “Couch,” this interview might shed a little bit of light on the matter.

So, tonight, I bring you…

Interview with From Couch to Moon at Scy-Fy: The Blog of S. C. Flynn

… and for the tl;dr, we learn that I am opinionated about books, concerned about the future of the Internet, and I hate toothpaste commercials.

But seriously, go over there, if only to check out Scy-Fy’s neat and tidy bookshelves.


20 thoughts on “Interview at Scy-Fy

  1. That interview was how I found your blog earlier today 🙂

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  2. His blogger interviews are great! I’ve found a lot of new SFF people through there.

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  3. Widdershins says:

    I am totally with you about toothpaste and KSR. 😀


  4. S. C. Flynn says:

    Thanks, everybody. It was fun to interview you, Megan.


  5. Yeeeeeeey.

    Related but mostly tangential, as usual: So I spent many years lifestyle blogging, and my blog and most of the others that I read as a result were very up close and personal about our lives. Now that’s on ice and I’m deep in the book blogging thing, and I am fascinated to think that I basically know almost nothing about these people whose words I read every single week. The internet man, it is so weird. Love it.

    Anyway, one more time for the interview…yeeeeey!

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    • fromcouchtomoon says:

      You are so right. I started this with the assumption that my posts would just dissipate in the air. SnapPost, I guess. Never expected to find this community eager to talk with me about the books we read. (And now I’ve got these old posts that people keep clicking on and I want to say “Don’t read that! That was before I knew people would read this!”)

      So, yeah, it is a weird mix of wanting to be anonymous, but also wanting to get to know these great people and share some of myself with everyone.


  6. Geekritique says:

    Welcome to the club:)
    Scy-Fy was my first (and only) interview. It feels really good knowing someone cares enough to ask who the wizard behind the blog curtain actually is. Also, its fun telling others casually “oh yeah, I’ve been interviewed about my blog”.

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    • fromcouchtomoon says:

      Haha, yeah, his interviews certainly highlight a curiosity I have about our fellow bloggers. Plus, I don’t think there are that many people clamoring to interview independent, unknown bloggers of a genre that can only garner about 2000 votes for its biggest award. We may be a wide group, but we’re relatively small, so it’s nice to have an opportunity to just say hi to everyone.

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  7. S. C. Flynn says:

    Reblogged this on SCy-Fy: the blog of S. C. Flynn and commented:
    My interview with From Couch to Moon


  8. Joseph Nebus says:

    Congratulations on the interview.


  9. […] also showed up at S. C. Flynn’s blog where I talked about myself and how the Internet apocalypse will get in the way of my desperate […]


  10. thebookgator says:

    Nice job! You are definitely more useful than a toothpaste commercial. 😉


  11. Really enjoyed your comments!


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