The Zombie Blog Rises!

And just in time for Halloween!


Just dropping in to say that I had a fireside chat with The G from Nerds of a Feather, Flock Together. For a fireside chat, it was more essaying at each other than chatting with each other, but I think we both had a number of things to process from the past year, and the format proved to be clarifying and healing (at least from my vantage point).

The blog is a zombie blog right now. Not dead, but no spirit, and probably not to be trusted within bite reach. My real life career has turned crazy busy with a new post at a new campus, which is proving to be both rewarding and all-consuming. Expect me to pop in around holidays when I feel decompressed and need an outlet to articulate myself and want it to take the form of caring about books and SF and all that.

Until then, happy reading without me.

6 thoughts on “The Zombie Blog Rises!

  1. Missed your posts, but wishing you the best


  2. Holly says:

    Le bummer, who will tell me what to read?


  3. bottledfries says:

    While I certainly miss you, “rewarding and all-consuming” sounds great when it comes to job descriptions! I’m thankful for the ride with you so far…just please remember to pick me up as soon as you’re on the road again!


  4. Really enjoyed reading the fireside chat. Amen to all of it. Lots of interesting discussion points, though day for day it seems there are less people around who I want to discuss with as so many have jumped internet ship. Boo hiss but also yeah totally understandable as well. Aka hope all is well and awesome with you etc etc.

    I for one would be happy if you only showed up once in a while to tell us about all of the non SF books you have been reading. I appear to be veering wildly from SFF at the moment as well. In my case it has been a hard turn into nonfiction and in some cases horror, though I suppose that falls onto the SFF spectrum. I haven’t found myself wanting to write reviews in ages and ages, probably connected to the lack of connection I have felt recently with the kind of fiction I usually write about. Maybe. Also just a hell of a lot going on off the internet and all that.

    Aaaaanyway. I hope you stop by now and again to drop a few recommendable title names on us. Til then, good luck with all the things!

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    • PhilRM says:

      These days I find nonfiction and horror almost indistinguishable, but if you want a recommendation for fictional horror, I *loved* Connor O’Callaghan’s Nothing on Earth, and Paul Tremblay’s Head Full of Ghosts. Both are creepy, disturbing and accomplished.

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  5. PhilRM says:

    *Waves at Megan*. ‘Essaying at each other’ was pretty much my reaction to it, but it was a really interesting exchange.


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