Danger Planet (Red Sun of Danger) (1945) by Brett Sterling, aka Edmond Hamilton


Someone please explain to me what is going on with her legs.

It’s sort of a tradition to end my reading year in true pulpy fashion, so it worked out that one of my required reading selections for the month of December is something from the “Boys’ Own Ultimate Pew-Pew Space Opera Brigade” subgenre. I’ve reached the end of my required reading for 2015, so although I’ll be inundating the blog with a backlog of book reviews during the next two weeks, I’m posting a write up of my last required vintage read today. Why? Because this book is so fluffy, I’m afraid I’ll forget about it if I wait any longer, that’s why.

I’ll just give you the back cover blurb:

One million years back in the swirling, shrouded past, evil ultra-beings ruled the Planet Roo. Suddenly, unbelievably, they are alive again, threatening the universe with total destruction.

Only one man dares challenge the Evil Ones. He is Captain Future, inter-galactic agent of justice, whose identity is top secret, whose strength is ultimate. He sets out alone to stop the deathless menace creeping ever closer…

… which is great, except that synopsis only describes the final ten pages of the story. Continue reading