Towing Jehovah (Godhead #1) (1994) by James Morrow

TowingJehovah1…opening God’s tympanic membranes would not be sacrilegious—heaven wanted this tow… loc. 1208.

A difficult book to grasp. A difficult book to review. James Morrow’s 1994 religious satire defies the excessive eye winks and elbow jabs of familiar SF critical humor, a la Pohl & Kornbluth or Pratchett & Gaiman, (calm down, boys, we get it), while also challenging the reader expecting relentless cannonballs lobbed at its religious and conservative targets. While those targets certainly do get their share of bruises, so do the skeptics, and the novel’s overall respect for faith, despite the blasphemy, makes this a very different kind of satire. Continue reading