The Southern Reach series: Annihilation, Authority, Acceptance (2014) by Jeff VanderMeer

Deep in the vegetative abyss of Area X, within the walls of a blood spattered lighthouse, a foreboding heap of forgotten journals lay moldering and unread, their owners long submerged into the ecology of the nebulous terrain. This journal is not part of that pile. This journal is my weak attempt to be different in a world where everybody already reviewed this series months ago.




Day 1: I downloaded the book, which I was not planning to read, the moment the librarian tweeted about a discount. I did not tell him about my purchase, for I had no real interest in the tale, and I wasn’t sure I would complete it. My mission was simple: to objectively evaluate the story for entertainment value, despite everyone losing their shit over it. I thought I was impervious to the hype, but now I see that my position was already undermined.

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