The Gormenghast series (1946-1959) by Mervyn Peake

TitusGroan1I don’t know whether to be ashamed or defensive or just plain angry that I’ve never read the Gormenghast trilogy before, that I somehow stumbled on to Neil Gaiman and Harry Potter before even hearing of Mervyn Peake, but it certainly justifies the resentment I’ve harbored toward those randomly googled online recommender engines and chaotic message boards that badly steered my reading all those unplugged years. But what’s an unplugged reader to do? Why do we have to be so obsessive with the genre terrain in order to navigate around the Sanderson/Abercrombie/GRRM-type sand traps? Are there class action lawsuits for this sort of thing?

Finding good books shouldn’t take this much work.

But as difficult as it is to discover Gormenghast, it’s even harder to let it go. Continue reading