September 2016 Reading Review


I haven’t been as fastidious about my blog this month, partly because I got hung up on writing that stupid review of The Clone. I’ve been doing this long enough now that I think I’m running out of things to say about the schlock I’ve been reading– I’ve said it all before, others have said it all long before, and lately I’ve been more interested in reading those other people than just spouting off my ignorant drivel. Also, I’ve been restricting my post-writing time to a small window in the mornings, as this blog has been leaking into my weekend days more than I’d like.

Plus, the weather has been nice! It’s like we’re having an actual autumn this year and it’s only been like in the 80-somethings this month, which makes me want to be outside more.

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Summer 2016 Reading Review

August is always a difficult and hectic time for me, but this month in particular has been extra difficult and hectic, no thanks to my particular sick anthill of work being extra sick and chaoticky, which I can usually forgive when I see it simply as the flaws of capitalism manifesting in the public sector, but this year, I can actually attribute our problems to some real concrete things that nobody can do anything about anyway. So I’ve been busy. I hope it wasn’t too apparent in my posts.

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Month in Review: May 2016

If it feels like this month at FC2M has been more gleefully contemptuous than usual, it’s only because I’m scraping the bottom of the Hugo ‘6 list, despite my careful planning to mix up the worthy classics with the dross. It’s not an even list to begin with, but man, those eighties, nineties, and aughties are painful to assign in any order. No amount of sugar makes Hominids go down easy.


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Month in Review: April 2016


Book Award News

I doubt it means anything that the sky suddenly opened up and hailed for five minutes right after I saw the Hugo shortlists, but that’s what happened. 4000 votes seems less like redoubled dog efforts and more like a galvanized voting community with little ballot overlap and little interest in the anything but the novel category. I just like to see my own nominees on the voting stats list in August… at the very bottom of the list probably… but still. Continue reading

Month in Review: March 2016


TBR Fail. Blog Derailed. Sort of.

An erratic month of reading and blogging here at FC2M where I had too much time off and a case of Sudden Onset Shortlist Paralysis: too many TBR potentials and no idea where to go next. Much of what I ended up reading started sluggish, inspiring lots of book avoidance in the name of unplanned but sudden anything-but-reading-to-dos. Even my audiobook addiction went into remission.

A mid-month computer crash didn’t upset my already derailed reading plans (thank Wintermute for data clouds), but my cherished book schedule spreadsheet somehow missed the upload and now my purposeful reading habits are without direction. Having to pause and think about what I’ll read next is an inhibiting process. My reading and blogging plans have gone adrift… Continue reading

Reading Month in Review: January 2016

It’s been a good winter. Five days of winter, exactly. Spread throughout the past two months of mild spring temps. In late December, we had three days of snow. Snow that stuck. Snow that piled. Snow that didn’t melt as soon as it hit the ground, or turn to slush the moment the sun rose the next day. Plus, we had one day that was chilly and windy, and last week we had another day that brought an afternoon of sleety snow. That didn’t stick. Or pile. And did melt as soon as it hit the ground. That’s my kind of winter!

And it was 78 degrees and gorgeous yesterday. (Today is Has-Anyone-Seen-Toto windy, my neighbors have a car-sized tumbleweed stuck in their yard, and I can’t find my garbage bin. But that’s beside the point.)

My reading pace has been just as agreeable and occasionally odd as the weather, sticking with fair weather SF the majority of the time, but occasionally delving into other book categories, which has, much to my surprise, reinvigorated my reading pace, rather than burdened it. It’s a pattern I think I’m going to stick with for a while.

But this is a SFuh blog, so let’s get to the SFuh.

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My Year in Books: Looking Backward and Forward

…like a malfunctioning time machine.

2015 was the year of new and shiny shortlist reading and a bit of classic subversive fantasy reading.

For new SF, I finally found my genre comfort zone, which is situated somewhere between the British Science Fiction Association, the Clarke Award, and the Tiptree Award. All three put out fantastic shortlists in 2015, and (although I’m not especially encouraged by the majority of 2015’s output) I’m curious to see what they recognize in 2016. Let’s see what gets unearthed by those small groups of interesting readers.

In the fantasy realm, treasures like Peake and Harrison, and the magic realism of García Márquez and Rushdie, two writers I have always wanted to read, have studded my year. I wish I had picked up these books when I was nineteen and reading the 36th Shannara book with my eyes closed.

In the vintage camp, my attraction toward more incendiary authors like Joanna Russ, John Brunner, and Olaf Stapledon should be no surprise. I also wish I had known about them when I was nineteen and raging against the machine… and listening to them, too. Continue reading

November 2015 Reading Review


November 2015…

The month during which it took me over a week to read a 150-page book. The month during which I read half of The Satanic Verses in one day. The month during which I really just wanted to get to Europe at Midnight and never did. (Mainly because I dragged my feet on said 150-page book and it put me behind.) The month during which I envisioned myself swimming in astounding new releases during a glorious Thanksgiving week off, but I was behind on my committed TBR and my diligent self forced me to stay the course with Asimov and Brunner.

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October 2015 Monthly Reading Review


And so it seems I have a Halloween tradition now, during which I forego my evening workout to sit on the couch and type up a monthly reading review while waiting for tiny beggars to ring the doorbell. Fewer and fewer trick-or-treaters every year is another thing that’s happening. Full bowl of candy just sitting here right now.

It might be because of the sandworm infestation we’ve been having here in Arrakis, though these particular sandworms have fangs and rattles and have been biting the neighborhood dogs. Photos pop up daily on the neighborhood online social network (this is a thing now… oh the drama) of giant rattlers slithering around on my streets.

It goes without saying, I’m not out jogging outdoors much anymore— ah, excuse me. Customers. In tutus.
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