Missing Man (1975) by Katherine MacLean

MissingMan1Rescue Squad regular crews go into fire and gas to rescue people. I go into their heads. Sometimes fire is better. (31)

Katherine MacLean’s telepathic cop tale set in a future New York is as technologically inventive as it is futuristically imaginative, where every page brims with a fresh take on the futuristic police procedural, along with plenty of nods to classic SF influences. It’s rare to find a forty-year-old SF novel that feels so buoyant, especially considering the depths she chooses to explore. MacLean is a resourceful writer, loyal to the genre style, but she adds a layer of psychological and sociological depth, relevant to the social discourse of her day. Much like Bester and Brunner before her, it’s an exciting, critical read, with her own blend of individualism and progressivism, though misguided at times. Continue reading