My Year in Books: Looking Backward and Forward

…like a malfunctioning time machine.

2015 was the year of new and shiny shortlist reading and a bit of classic subversive fantasy reading.

For new SF, I finally found my genre comfort zone, which is situated somewhere between the British Science Fiction Association, the Clarke Award, and the Tiptree Award. All three put out fantastic shortlists in 2015, and (although I’m not especially encouraged by the majority of 2015’s output) I’m curious to see what they recognize in 2016. Let’s see what gets unearthed by those small groups of interesting readers.

In the fantasy realm, treasures like Peake and Harrison, and the magic realism of García Márquez and Rushdie, two writers I have always wanted to read, have studded my year. I wish I had picked up these books when I was nineteen and reading the 36th Shannara book with my eyes closed.

In the vintage camp, my attraction toward more incendiary authors like Joanna Russ, John Brunner, and Olaf Stapledon should be no surprise. I also wish I had known about them when I was nineteen and raging against the machine… and listening to them, too. Continue reading

Top Ten Books and 2015 Readsolutions

First of all, this whole new year starting in January thing is total balls because we stay up late to celebrate and then we wake up the next morning and it’s still cold, it still gets dark early, and, for crying out loud, winter JUST started. My desert neighborhood has been iced over for DAYS. Ugh.

Anyway, you didn’t come here for my bitching.

Total books read: Goodreads says I’ve read 89 fiction books this year. I have no idea how I managed that with the year I’ve been having. I expect to have less busies in 2015, so I hope to gain more time for more reading.


Top Ten Books I Read in 2014 (alpha order by last name)
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