The 2015 BSFA Best Novel Rundown: My Thoughts

The 2015 BSFA Award winners were announced this weekend! Here’s my rundown on the Best Novel shortlist.

After discovering new favorites on previous BSFA award lists, and thoroughly enjoying five-eighths of the BSFA Best Novel shortlist last year, I finally got myself a BSFA membership, perhaps becoming the only Texas member of the British Science Fiction Association. I didn’t nominate or vote because it just doesn’t feel right to do so as an outsider, but I do like to play along and support things I like. Call me a shadow member.

I didn’t experience as much delight with this year’s BSFA Best Novel list, (and no, I haven’t yet touched the short fiction nominees, though I might do a rundown of the really fab nonfiction nominees later on), but this selection of novels is way more interesting than this year’s Hugo list that hasn’t been determined yet but I’m probably right.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on the 2015 British Science Fiction Association Best Novel shortlist: Continue reading

My Thoughts on the 2014 Hugo Noms: Novelettes

Voting closed on Thursday for the 2014 Hugo Awards and 1939 Retro Hugo Awards. I managed to read for some of the categories, and here are my thoughts.


My ranking order (best to worst):

Ted Chiang’s story about life-logging and personal stories nails what short SF should do: it’s a little bit mind-bendy and a little bit prophetic. I loved it. I teared up with Kowal’s strong story about the choices women make between family and career. I see de Bodard’s name all over the place, but “The Waiting Stars” was an average space operetta. Torgersen presents an average military space romp. I’m still trying to figure out the point of “Opera Vita Aeterna,” other than to co-opt Middle Earth and remove the interesting conflicts and characters. Even the author seems bored with his own story.

Seriously, if there was one Hugo award for all of the fiction categories, Chiang should get it. “The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling,” blows away all other competitors. READ IT!